Gateway To Discovery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has established a 2-year
residential faith-based recovery program in Fort Dodge, Iowa, to support women in their rise
from the depths of chemical addiction, homelessness and related struggles. We provide a
home-like setting where love and grace can flourish as agents for positive change, offering
security from those social, psychological and economic factors that often drive women to
desperate means for survival. Modeled after the community of
Magdalene and Thistle Farms in
Nashville, Tennessee, the
Gateway to Discovery program will soon offer a social enterprise for
residents to earn income while developing and regaining basic life skills many of us take for

Above all else, Gateway offers hope and love to individuals who have lost both. Our Vision is to:

* Help residents achieve personal success and confidence in negotiating life while  
maintaining lifelong sobriety;
* Guide and assist residents as they grow in spiritual relationship with God and others; &
* Support residents as they learn to help others as well as themselves.

Gateway to Discovery is privately supported by volunteers and donations from churches,
individuals, businesses and service organizations to ensure an emphasis on God's central
importance to recovery success. Spiritual growth, both personally and as a community, will be
what truly makes a difference in residents' lives.

To date, we have raised
over $200,000, purchased a house in Fort Dodge and hired a Program
Director. On October 21, 2013, we began accepting residents into the program which offers
them housing, food, counseling, outpatient treatment, among other necessities, while providing
resources for obtaining medical and dental care, education and job training. This is all provided
without cost to the residents

During the first few weeks of October, several required and other necessary major house
renovations were completed and approval for occupancy was ultimately received from the City
of Fort Dodge. The house was also furnished via donations from an amazing group of supporters
of the program.
As of December 1, 2013, five women have found a home and a chance at a new
life in the Gateway house.

We have been and will continue to tell women's stories of their successful recovery efforts as
we seek support from those willing to volunteer time, donate items and give monetary
donations. By contributing to
Gateway to Discovery, you will help us remove barriers which
frequently prevent women from being economically stable. Your investment will benefit not just
a few women, but the entire community surrounding them and beyond.

Gateway to Discovery is committed to providing awareness to the community about our
organization and the recovery journey. We gladly accept engagements to speak to individuals,
church groups, businesses, service clubs and other organizations. Please contact us via email at or telephone at 515.302.8162 for additional information.
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" make the gateways of the morning and the evening shout for joy." ~ Psalm 65:8b
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Program Director:
Carmen Clavin
"We believe
recovery is a
spiritual path
and speaking
truth about the
disease of
addiction is a
testimony of
God's healing
Board of Directors
Chris Helton, President
Phil Somsen, V.P.
Joyce Garton-Natte, Sec./Treas.
Mary Wilson
Karen Kaiser
Crystal Balm
God's work over the past year through hundreds of individuals, churches,
companies, service organizations and private trusts in Fort Dodge and dozens
of surrounding communities has produced, in every sense of the word, a
home for five women in time for the holidays. Even more, His love, expressed
through so many, has resulted in a program through which these women are
being healed and their lives are being restored. The same will be true for the
many women to come in the future...
"Four Stories - Gateway to
Discovery" ~ 11/10/13 @ First
Presbyterian Church